Security, Surveillance, and Access Control Server systems built and installed by Delaney Security Consulting LLC Based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area. Security and Surveillance systems built by Delaney Security Consulting LLC based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC is a family owned business providing Security, Camera Surveillance Systems, and Access Control, for your home or business in the Austin and San Antonio Metropolitan Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC installs Security Camera Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems in the San Antonio, Texas Area. Delaney Security
Delaney Security Consulting LLC
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Delaney Security Consulting LLC

Testimonials to our Service

Delaney Security appreciates our security clients letting us know how they feel about our security solutions. Here are what our security clients are saying about us:

Residential Treatment Center, Executive Director

We operate a small Residential Treatment Center in San Antonio, Texas. In 2008 we decided to install cameras to better serve the needs of our children and staff. Since the installation of the cameras we are able to better supervise the children and staff to ensure their safety. Although the camera installation was done in my office, I can view the cameras from the comfort of my home. I can attest that since having the cameras installed our staff and children feel safe and secure. I fully recommend Delaney Security and commend them for the personal attention they give us.
- Executive Director, San Antonio, Texas

Church Property

We have used Delaney Security Consulting now 4 years, for our security needs. It is difficult to consider how we could function safe in our ministry without it. In the day and age in which we live, a high quality security system is essential for any church. With everything that takes place in a church ministry, this system protects our people as well as our property. Delaney Security has responded immediately day or night.
- San Antonio, Texas

Warehouse Camera System

This warehouse camera system was installed well and on time by Delaney Security. Any minor 'teething' problems were solved with a good attitude in quick time. They did an excellent job for us. This system works well, exactly as sold, and is of immense use in viewing our factory on a constant basis, each day. We feel like we are "in the factory" and not in the office. Besides providing a general vision of flow and movement in the factory, we are also able to spot many silly incidents on camera during the day: without trying. These include less than efficient labor events, late clocking, etc. The system is an essential tool for our management team to help us run the operation and I would sincerely recommend it to other operating companies.
- CEO, Universal City, Texas

SAMMinistries, Director of IT

For SAMMinistries, safety and security at our residential campus is of the utmost importance. In our quest to replace our aging DVR/CC Camera infrastructure we came across the services of Delaney Security. Our solution required a new DVR backend unit that would connect our existing cameras while incorporating the newest IP cameras with room for expansion. As a non-profit we needed to get the absolute most for our capital expenditure and the system proposed and installed by Delaney Security far exceeded our expectations. The new system has allowed us to get the most out of our older cameras while also being able to utilize the best that new IP cameras have to offer. The seamless integration of old with new saved our organization thousands of dollars compared to other rip and replace solutions. Thanks to the Delaney Security team the end result gave us the tools we need to provide a safe and secure campus.
- Director of IT, San Antonio, Texas

Retail Store in a Small Town

I watch it everyday to see when my people come in and leave. That alone, has paid for the system. I am also able to run the shop more efficiently from my office and the theft problem has all but disappeared.
- Retail Owner, McQueeney, Texas
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