Security, Surveillance, and Access Control Server systems built and installed by Delaney Security Consulting LLC Based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area. Security and Surveillance systems built by Delaney Security Consulting LLC based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC is a family owned business providing Security, Camera Surveillance Systems, and Access Control, for your home or business in the Austin and San Antonio Metropolitan Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC installs Security Camera Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems in the San Antonio, Texas Area. Delaney Security
Delaney Security Consulting LLC
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Installations and Upgrades in San Antonio, Texas

Delaney Security Consulting LLC can install a new Security and Surveillance System or upgrade your current system in place. Our professional installers and consultants will assess your security needs and install the most cost effective security surveillance system available for your budget.

Delaney Security Systems

Delaney Security Systems install security systems with Geovision and Intel security products providing the highest quality system installation available for your budget. Geovision cameras have high resolution optics can pick up details up to 100 meters away. Even during low visibility time periods (night, storms, etc.), the quality of these images from Geovision Security Cameras are amazing. Contact us today for a quote to install a security camera system.

Delaney Security Cameras

GeoVision GV-MDR220 2 MP Mini Fixed Rugged IP Dome Camera

Delaney Security Cameras installs the highest resolution available for your security budget. Delaney Security installs systems including advanced software managing cameras. Delaney Security installed Security Cameras picture can be viewed anywhere in the world over an active internet connection. Furthermore, Delaney Security Camera installation methods will ensure all critical areas of surveillance are included in the camera picture under any conditions! Some of our clients have installations that include private swimming areas, waste disposal areas, refrigerated areas, and many other locations where a security camera can provide 24/7 surveillance. Whether security cameras are installed high in the air or installed below ground, Delaney Security can install cameras just about everywhere! We installed a camera 36 feet in the air!

  • Fish-eye Cameras have a 360 degree view of unobstructed surveillance areas.
  • Bullet Cameras pin point an area of surveillance with high quality security images
  • Box Cameras are rugged cameras that can stand up to Mother Nature's fury and these cameras provide high quality images up to 200 yards away! Even in low light conditions.
  • Rugged Dome cameras are installed in low height areas to prevent damage and tampering.
  • Monitored by state of the art software that will notify you if cameras have been tampered with, vandalized, or otherwise malfunctioning.
  • Delaney Security installs only the highest quality cameras. Contact us Today!
  • With Delaney Security Consulting LLC, you can assure your security installation is secure with up to 3 year warranties available.

Delaney Security Access Control Systems

Delaney Security Installs Geovision Security Access Control Point for our San Antonio Security System Clients. With a Geovision Security System, our San Antonio Security Clients can give employees access to secure areas at any time. Security with convenience!

In addition to security cameras, we install security access control points for our San Antonio and surrounding area Clients. These security access control points can give personnel you authorize access to secure areas at specified times of the day. For example, if your employees are assigned to work from 8 - 5, they will be able to use this security access control system to gain entry only during those hours. At the same point of entry you can allow Employees who are allowed access to your secured areas at any time of the day. Furthermore, you can access your access control system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a secure internet connection. So if your employee calls you from San Antonio, "I forgot my key card." All you need to do is access your security system and allow them access at that secure access point. Just think! No more having to drive all the way to the office to give someone access to the building just to get their key card off their desk! Security with convenience! Ask our specialists for a demonstration today!

Security DVR and Security Software Systems

Built upon Intel technology, Delaney Security installs Surveillance Cameras' stores security footage at a central secure location storing as much security camera footage as your budget will allow. For our San Antonio, TX clients, we install systems to store over a week's worth of footage. With Geovision Technology, Delaney Security installation are able to store more surveillance from your cameras by determining with smart surveillance technology whether your system actually needs to record information. No more recording empty hallways for 16 hours a day! Definitely a great add on for our San Antonio Security Camera System Installations.

GeoVision Access Control System offers intelligent networked solution, suitable for both small business and large businesses with facilities around the globe. The comprehensive managing and monitoring software package allows seamless integration with GeoVision DVR and IP products, offering live video and event associated playback to be controlled from one single platform.

Whether your business is in San Antonio, McAllen, El Paso, Houston, or even Oklahoma, Delaney Security Consulting LLC will install the highest quality camera system for your budget.