Security, Surveillance, and Access Control Server systems built and installed by Delaney Security Consulting LLC Based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area. Security and Surveillance systems built by Delaney Security Consulting LLC based out of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC is a family owned business providing Security, Camera Surveillance Systems, and Access Control, for your home or business in the Austin and San Antonio Metropolitan Area.
Delaney Security Consulting LLC installs Security Camera Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems in the San Antonio, Texas Area. Delaney Security
Delaney Security Consulting LLC
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Custom Security Camera Installations

Security and Surveillance Installations require Custom Installations

Delaney Security Consulting LLC. conducts a thorough assessment of each surveillance site, which means we will optimize your security camera solution for your needs. Whether you are a Seguin Retail Store, Selma Factory, Schertz Home, or San Antonio Attraction, your security situation is unique and requires a Delaney Security Professional to conduct a thorough analysis of your needs.

Custom Installations for Retail Stores

Our San Antonio installs of security cameras include hardware stores, convenience stores, and many others. Each store requires many of the similar installation needs:
  • Entry Cameras
  • Point of Sale Cameras
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Theft Deterrent Video
  • Property Surveillance

Entry Cameras

Delaney Security has many camera systems that provide surveillance over your entry ways. These include both overt and covert camera placements that allow you to get multiple angles on entry ways to help in loss prevention and theft recovery and/or prosecution.

Point of Sale Cameras

Whether your store is located in San Antonio or in the remote areas of Boerne, Texas, loss prevention at the register is very important. Being able to know you can trust your employees, and your employees knowing you will be able to serve justice appropriately will improve morale and productivity. Some Security Camera Clients use these systems to build their training materials too.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, is useful in many areas. It can give you a constant recording on local premises, or it can be transmitted over the internet to your phone, computer, or other compatible device with an internet connection. CCTV no longer means you cannot see what is going on remotely. Call Delaney Security to schedule an appointment to learn more about CCTV Surveillance capabilities. (210) 599-2994

Theft Deterrent Video

Often the goal of security implementations is to keep honest people honest. Having a live feed played back while someone is in your establishment lets folks know they are being watched and can help them think twice before stealing something from your store.

Property Surveillance

Given the ability to watch your property surveillance system remotely, you can be rest assured your facility is being watched over. Delaney Security through Eyecon Surveillance, can give you 24 hour surveillance potentially preventing theft, vandalism, corporate espionage, or even notify the authorities.

Security Solutions for Factories

Safety is often a reason for our industrial clients. If your hairs rise up on the back of your neck, you can access your remote surveillance system to determine if your work sites and workers continue to remain safe. We have a security solution for your factory, whether it is located in San Antonio or New Braunfels, we can install the right security camera system.

Access Control Systems

We have installed access control systems in many settings, from the office to the floor. Let's face it, some folks need to be able to access certain areas without pulling out the janitor key ring.

Security Camera Solutions for your Home

Unfortunately, we are in trying times. Vandalism happening everday. Sometimes it starts out as something small. But it always escalates. With advanced technology included with our Geovision Security Camera Systems, we have a security solution that fits well within your budget.

Security Camera Solutions for Parks and Attractions

Security Cameras can provide an element of security for patrons. The more patrons you have, the more chance at securing a budget for your park and/or attractions.

Delaney Security Consulting LLC is ready to conduct San Antonio Installs and Austin Installs for you today. We offer the most advanced security camera technology for your security budget needs from Geovision Security Camera Systems. Call Delaney Security Consulting LLC today for your security system conusltation.